An Kesunyans Keltek


An Kesunyans Keltek

Kernow (Cornwall) has been described as the least autonomous of the Celtic nations. It is wrongly termed as a county of England, when it  is actually a Duchy. Despite this the Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League is one of the most active and vocal.  Its social media presence  has ensured a large membership and an even greater following. In fact the League’s reach in Cornwall exceeds that of the local print media.

The Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League has played an acknowledged and recognised role in the achievement of the official recognition of the Cornish People as a National Minority in 2014. This follows on from recognition of the Cornish language in 2002.

The Branch has participated in many successful campaigns that have made national news and changed central government policy. The Branch continues to monitor the distant Westminster Government, its agencies and the secretive establishment known as the Duchy of Cornwall.

The Branch is proud to be very inclusive and counts amongst its substantial membership, people from a wide variety of professions and trades, ethnic backgrounds and range of political views. All we ask is that they share our vision of an autonomous Cornwall and indeed autonomy for all the Celtic Nations.

Contacts and Links  Information for the people of Cornwall

To contact the Kernow Branch you can email
Write to Branch Secretary at
3 Trevarth Terrace,
TR16 6AG
Follow us on Twitter
Join us on Face Book. Our profile is Kernow Branch Celtic League

We have other popular pages:
The Cornish are a Nation
We Support a Pan Celtic Alliance

We support everyone who is working towards greater autonomy for Cornwall and the other Celtic Nations. These include:
Mebyon Kernow. the Party for Cornwall
The Cornish National Party
The Cornish Green Party
The Cornish Stannary Parliament
The Cornish Constitutional Convention

We support all language groups:
MAGA the Cornish Language Partnership
Agan Tavas
Kowethas an Yeth Kernowek
Cussel An Tavas Kernuak
I Pledge To Become More Fluent In Cornish

There is a strong Cornish presence on social media including:
Cornish + Proud
Cornish And Proud You Tube Channel

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