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The League was founded in 1961 by Celtic nationalists who saw the need for an inter-Celtic organisation with a political dimension in order to make the peoples of the Celtic nations more aware of their commonality in terms of their language, history, and culture, to further, through peaceful means, the Celtic nations’ right to independence and to promote the benefits of inter-Celtic co-operation. 

The constitution contains a commitment to the Celtic languages and to free Celtic societies which use their national resources for the benefit of all.



We have six national branches in the Celtic countries of Alba (Scotland), Breizh (Brittany), Cymru (Wales), Éire (Ireland), Kernow (Cornwall), and Mannin (Isle of Man). There are territorial branches (see Clause 2b of CL constitution) in Nova Scotia, and Patagonia, and a separate Branch Secretary for the worldwide International branch (see Clause 2a of CL Constitution). A nominally autonomous US branch that bought the League magazine Carn once existed.

The different branches cooperate as appropriate on campaigns of the League or on various issues and undertake bilateral activities such as visits or attendance in support of another branch; the General Secretary of the League coordinates overall campaigns and activities.

Our People


The Celtic League, at an organisational level, consists of the following General Officer positions as defined in the Celtic League Constitution:

  • Convener
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant General Secretary
  • Director of Information
  • Treasurer

The General Council and Branches


The General Officers and Branch Secretaries make up the General Council of the League.

The General Council Officers are elected at the annual Celtic League AGM, which is generally held in a different Celtic country every year. The International Branch Secretary is elected at CL AGMs.

Branch Secretaries are normally elected at branch level at their Annual General Meetings (AGM) or may be appointed by the General Secretary.

Each Branch of the League is effectively autonomous, but they are expected to operate in accordance with the League’s constitution and to report on activities at the Celtic League’s annual AGM.

General Officers and Branch Secretaries

General Secretary Editor Rhis tal e bot

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot

General Secretary Editor

Contact Rhisiart Tal-e-bot: rhisiart.talebot@gmail.com

DoI Alastair Kneale

DoI Alastair Kneale

Contact Doi Alastair Kneale: alastair.kneale@gmail.com

Assistant General Secretary Bernard Moffatt

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary
Director Military Monitoring Campaign

Contact Bernard Moffatt: jbmoffatt@hotmail.com

Patricia Bridson

Treasurer & International Secretary

Contact Patricia Bridson: international@celticleague.net
Correspondence Address:
33 Céide na Grianóige
Ráth Cúil
Co. Átha Cliath D24 VR98

Cathal Ó Luain


Contact Cathal Ó Luain: cluasai@gmail.com
Correspondence Address:
33 Céide na Grianóige
Ráth Cúil
Co. Átha Cliath D24 VR98

Iain Ramsay

Alba Branch Secretary

Contact Iain Ramsay: iainramsay27@gmail.com
Correspondence Address:
22 Denholm Gardens
Greenock PA16 6RF
ALBA / Scotland

Eire Branch Secretary Kerron O Luain

Kerron Ó Luain

Éire Branch Secretary

Contact Kerron Ó Luain: kerron.oluain@gmail.com
Correspondence Address:
33 Céide na Grianóige
Ráth Cúil
Co. Átha Cliath D24 VR98

Breizh Secretary Gi Keltik

Gi Keltik

Breizh Branch Secretary

Contact Gi Keltik: keltikpressbzh@gmail.com
Correspondence Address:
BP44 – 29880 Plougherne

Mannin Secretary Allen Moore

Allen Moore

Mannin Branch Secretary

Contact Allen Moore: allen.gobbag@manx.net
Correspondence Address:
Derby Road
Peel IM5 IHH
MANNIN/Isle of Man

Cymru Secretary Stephen Rule

Stephen Rule

Cymru Branch Secretary

Contact Stephen Rule: ste_cymru_14@hotmail.com
Correspondence Address:
17 Derwen Deg
Yr Wyddgrug,
Flintshire CH7 4SZ


Joseph MacGillivray

Contact Joseph MacGillivray: novascotia@celticleague.net
Correspondence Address:
1 Eastmoor Drive 
Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada B2N 2X2
57 Center Street
Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada B2N 2K1

Ana Chia

Correspondence Address:
Puerto Madryn,