The Celtic League campaigns for the political, linguistic, cultural and social rights of the Celtic


Who We Are

The Celtic League is an Inter-Celtic organisation that campaigns for the political, language, cultural, and social rights of the Celtic nations. It does this across a broad range of issues. It highlights Human Rights, Military Monitoring activity and focuses on political, socio-economic, environmental, language, and cultural issues, which generally or specifically affect one or more of the Celtic countries.

The organisation also aims to further each of the Celtic nation’s right to independence and to promote the benefits of Inter-Celtic cooperation.

Additionally, the League draws attention to matters that we believe bear a wider concern for the peoples of the Celtic countries.


Constitution Of The League

The fundamental aim of the League is to support through peaceful means the struggle of the Celtic Nations, Alba, Breizh, Cymru, Éire, Kernow and Mannin to win or to secure the political, cultural, social and economic freedom they need for their survival and development as independent nations.