• January 24, 2016


I was depressed today when I heard a spokesperson for the government’s voluntary organisations dismissing concern over the percentage of persons previously classed as disabled now deemed fit for work.

Apparently 44% of people who were in receipt of disability benefit have now had their benefits cut. Classed as unemployed now, after a while the DHSC will be able to cut their payments. This is not about getting people back to work its about cutting the social benefits budget at any cost in human misery.

We have seen what this has meant in the UK where nowhere near such a percentage cut has occurred.

I recalled a piece I read recently by Paul Kavanagh the acerbic Scottish blogger which went:

“Mental health problems or terminal cancer, the Job Centre will still claim you’re a chancer fit for work until you finally drop, you’re a number, a cypher, a tick in a box. Trade unions are neutered but bosses are tutored in pay rises for the board but cuts for the horde. The rich hoard their wealth as the tax avoiding poison wrecks the nation’s health. It’s the British way, be glad, rejoice, as you go job hunting for the minimum wage, there’s red white and blue bunting and the poor stealing crumbs in the new Victorian age. Steal a loaf of bread and there’s tabloid outrage, steal a billion pounds and you’ll get a peerage.”

Its appalling quite frankly that MHK/MLCs that fought ‘like ferrets in a sack’ not to pay £200 a year for their parking have endorsed a policy that drives the sick onto the unemployment register.

The depths to which this government will stoop knows no limit meanwhile Tynwald looks the other way as the lives of the poor and disabled are trashed.

Link: Paul Kavanagh’s blog.

Photo: Markwell House aka Ministry of Misery!


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