• May 13, 2019

Young people in Ireland protesting over climate change have given a firm slap down to politicians trying to climb on the ‘bandwagon’ they started. There have been similar displays of political opportunism across Europe with politicians trying to associate themselves with school and young people’s protests.

‘Green New ie’ reports on a sharp rebuke from young people who resent what they describe as the ‘misappropriation’ of their movement:

“An Irish youth climate activism group has called on political parties to stop using children’s images and slogans as “election material” without their knowledge
“In a statement issued on social media, Fridays for Future (FFF) Ireland described speculations about its political alliance as “misconceptions”.

“We are a wholly independent movement that does not endorse any political party, nor are we supported by them in any way, financially or otherwise,” the statement read.

“The group has said that various political parties’ have used children’s images and slogans without their knowledge or consent and called on the public to bring such instances to its attention.

“If you see this happening please make us aware of it, as we consider it a misappropriation of our movement,” a statement from the group said.”

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Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League

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