• April 23, 2016

In his WEE GINGER DUG blog, Paul Kavanagh takes a caustic look at the obsessive media coverage of the Queen’s birthday saying:

“You may have noticed the wall to wall gushing sycophancy in lieu of news on the telly today. It’s hard to avoid it, deliberately so. You’re not allowed to avoid it because you’re a peasant who needs to learn how to respect your betters and the way you’re taught to respect them is by having Nicolas Witchell waffle insulting nonsense on the Six O’Clock news.”

He goes on:

“We don’t just have to pay this family respect, we also have to pay them vast amounts of cash to keep them in luxury. Palaces, flunkies, horses, landed estates, and an amount of bling that a Kardashian would think was a bit over the top, who knew that respect was so expensive? Who knew that it was going to cost us so much money to make ourselves look so powerless. Nicolas Witchell knows, but he doesn’t mind. He’s got a cosy supporting role in the world’s most expensive soap opera. A royal correspondent isn’t going to tell the unvarnished truth about the royals because his job depends on preserving the myths. That’s what his job is, preserving the myths and telling us fairy stories of magical princes and princesses. He makes me wish I had a magic fairy wand so I could turn him into a frog. Then at least he’d perform a useful role in the pondlife ecosystem.”

His piece is entitled ‘Elizabeth the Last’ and you get the clear picture that for Scotland he hopes that is the case.

In Mann there has also been the usual nonsense which try’s to portray the Manx people in its entirety as being interested in these wasters the Royals and specifically Elizabrit who some like to refer to as ‘the Queen’ despite the fact there is no Queen of Mann.

Indeed our embroilment with the Anglo-German aristocracy that constitutes the ‘House of Windsor’ arose because the Island was flogged of to them. Apparently some in our midst think they didn’t just buy the island they bought its people.

‘Celebrations’ here will be modest. A beacon will be lit because beacons are being lit across Britain and as Allan Bell reminded us recently we are all British now. In a typical example of buffoonery and because we are far enough away from the UK for our beacon not to register the Civil Defence are going to climb to the top of Snaefell and shine a light in the air.

You couldn’t make this up it’s like something out of Batman. You ask yourself what halfwit in government dreamt this up?

It is not a joke though because through our embroilment with the Crown we see the expense of a Lt Governor foisted on the island at a time when some people can’t heat their homes or get enough decent food to eat. That’s the next episode of the Royal pantomime locally coming shortly!

Paul Kavanagh’s full article can be found at this link – he also writes a regular weekly column for Scottish independence supporting newspaper the National:



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