• September 19, 2021

I had a quiet day yesterday ! Everything seems so absurd – like Manx Radio with stories about what will happen if there’s a riot at a polling station. Apparently Gary will have to dust down the riot shields they last got out when Trade Unionists were on the rampage forty years ago.

The mail brought tales of woe. A newsletter from ‘Medecins Sans Frontieres’ shows that in the real (global world) things are truly awful!

Searching the FOREIGN news I find the French were ‘cross’ because of Biden’s AUKUS deal. A quarrel over a multi million submarine order. I’m not a great fan of the French government – when will they give Brittany back the piece hived off by Vichy. More importantly, when will they give Breizh the national respect it deserves.

The day gets better! The Chinese government is ‘cross’ as well that Boris, Biden and some Australian fellow whose name Biden forgot want to construct a ‘nuclear alliance’ to halt the rapacious onslaught of the State of China in ‘Asia Pacific’. Both France and China ‘cross’ what’s not to like!

Xi Jinping is peeved it seems! He is DISTURBED by the concept of Anglo-American (+ Australian) hegemony! I muse Mr Xi, you should have read my Celtic League comments thirty years ago at those conferences in Libya and Romania.

Anyway they have some neck the Chinese government getting on their ‘high horse’. China is a country that’s committing genocide in Xinjiang while the world does nothing. The Chinese government is destroying the Uyghur people. It’s a country that has concentration camps in which Uyghur women are forcibly sterilised.

The Communist government of China is apparently energised by the fact that Australia and their UK – US chums may build half a dozen nuclear submarines. Bless!

Mr Xi (if I can call you that) you’ve lost your moral compass!

To plagiarise US Civil War General Phil Sheridan’s quote:

“If I owned China and Hell, I’d rent out China and live in Hell.”

That’s what Xinjiang is for its indigenous people, a ‘HELL’ of the Chinese communist governments making!

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (18th September 2021)

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