• June 22, 2020

The British government is breaking the rules over a mandatory inspection regime for factories such as BAE supplying the war effort in Yemen. The report (link below) from ‘Declassified’ shows that:

Inspectors last visited an arms factory run by the UK’s largest arms exporter, BAE Systems in Warton, Lancashire, more than three years ago,

The Celtic League understands the same situation applies to Glenrothes in Scotland which supplies parts for so called ‘smart bombs’ used against Yemeni civilians and manufactured by Raytheon.

The UK has also failed to adhere to a High Court ruling that banned future arms sales and called for existing contracts to be REVIEWED.

A UN sponsored peace process is currently underway between Yemen and the Saudi led coalition. Yemen’s health infrastructure is already sorely stretched as it deals with the Covid-19 pandemic and many hospitals and clinics had been targeted in Saudi air raids.

RAF bases such as Valley in Anglesey provide support to the Royal Saudi Air Force and RAF personnel have been seconded to control air operations against Yemen. In addition BAE personnel provide technical support without which the Royal saudi Air Force would not function.

Sam Tarry, Labour MP for Ilford South in east London, told Declassified: “The fact that we are still using our RAF bases to service BAE Systems’ logistical support flights for the Saudi military is a slap in the face to the UN-led peace process. Our government needs to move beyond gestures and apply pressure on governments violating international law through tangible action.”


Image: The human cost of a fat pay packet for BAE or Raytheon workers at Warton (Lancs) or Glenrothes (Fife).

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (21st June 2020)

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