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Despite a report on the Ukrainian Euromaidan Press Agency site some weeks ago entitled ‘Yanukovych’s stolen planes turn up on the Isle of Man’ the Manx Department for Economic Development (DED) which manages the IOM Aircraft Register says there transfer to the Register was legitimate.

The Celtic League sought clarification earlier this month (see link):


The reply from DED Minister, Laurence Skelly to Celtic DOI, Bernard Moffatt, is set out below:

“10th December 2014

Bernard Veen

Thank you for your letter sent 5 December 2014. I have set out below the response to each specific question you have raised in turn.

1. Has your Department enquired into this issue and if so what is the status of the three aircraft referred to?

The matter was reported to the relevant authorities at the time we were made aware of this situation and the Department worked closely with relevant bodies both on and off the Island and internationally, as required.

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has responsibility for airworthiness and regulatory oversight of aircraft on the register.

We can confirm that the Isle of Man is the State of Registry for the two helicopters and jet referred to in the article and that they are currently technically compliant with our requirements.

The Aircraft Registry works closely with authorities around the world to ensure that aircraft previously registered elsewhere have been properly de-registered before joining the Isle of Man Register.

We can confirm that we received the appropriate deregistration documentation for the three aircraft in this instance from the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. We would not have registered the aircraft without such approval.

2. From a check of the register it would seem they are still registered here, is this correct?


3. On a related point what checks and balances are in place when individuals/companies apply to register aircraft in the Isle of Man?

Where an aircraft is owned by a company which is administered by a licenced Trust or Corporate Service Provider (‘TCSP’), that provider is bound by the ‘Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Code 2013’ which requires it to identify and verify the identity of its customer and anyone that customer may be acting on behalf of (the beneficial owner). The TCSP is also required to assess the money laundering and terrorist financing risks posed by its customer and by the activities of the administered company.

Following the appointment of a new Director of Civil Aviation on 1st October and in the normal course of business, a review of Aircraft Registry due diligence procedures was undertaken in conjunction with the FSC, FCU and UK agencies. The existing procedures followed by the Isle Man Aircraft Registry were found to be rigorous, proportionate and fit for purpose in ensuring that international regulations are complied with.

4. Finally, what checks are made on the operations and utilisation of aircraft registered on the Isle of Man register?

Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters on the Isle of Man Aircraft Register are subject to annual technical inspections and also have to meet internationally agreed, high regulatory standards that may be granted in the form of carefully scrutinised operator approvals prior to commencing flight operations.

These approvals are formally reviewed on a regular basis and those high regulatory standards must be maintained for flight operations to continue.

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has built a reputation for maintaining high regulatory standards and a customer focused approach based on a ‘safety with service’ ethos. This is why it was voted the ‘Best Aircraft Registry in the World’ in 2012 in a survey of global aviation lawyers conducted by a leading business aviation publication.

Its professionalism and growth are a credit to the Isle of Man and its success has directly contributed to the creation of over 70 local jobs as well as several million pounds in additional Government income.

I trust the responses given above answer the questions you have raised.

Lhiuish dy firrinagh

Hon. Laurence Skelly MHK
Minister for Economic Development”

Link to original report on EUREMAIDAN PRESS here:

Yanukovych’s stolen planes turn up on the Isle of Man

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


(Please note that replies to correspondence received by the League and posted on CL News are usually scanned hard copies. Obviously every effort is made to ensure the scanning process is accurate but sometimes errors do occur.)
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