• January 27, 2016


Even Rosalind Franklin would not have anticipated this – she by the way was the woman who identified the DNA double helix when working at Kings College but she was to busy honing the fine detail that eventually France Crick and James Watson (at Cambridge) claimed ‘the prize’. Eventually when it did actually become a real prize (the Nobel) they had to let Maurice Wilkins (from Kings) share some of the credit but not Franklin because she was dead and sorry no Nobel prizes posthumously.

Anyway as we know DNA replication revolutionised science and now startlingly there are signs that ‘political DNA replication’ will revolutionise politics in the Isle of Man.

At one time in Tynwald there was a sort of ‘naughty corner’ where people from the LibVan party had to go. It got so bad that eventually the Chief Minister (CM) and the COMIN cabal decided ‘enough is enough’ so they took action using the President and Speaker to curb the excesses of LibVan members – no more tricky pointless questions for them!

Then something really amazing happened a kind of political DNA replication of the Tynwald thing occurred in LibVan and they now have a member (not in Tynwald) who has to go to the ‘naughty corner’ of the Party because she spouted of about the Island being a Tax Haven and we all know it’s not because Allan Bell MHK the Manx Chief Minister said so and everyone believes Allan Bell – except they didn’t at one time!

At one time the people most ‘up front and in the face’ of the CM were in LibVan they didn’t really think a great deal of what he said and they thought even less of what Eddie Teare MHK said.

Now that’s strange because Eddie Teare is Allan’s Finance Minister so you could say that he’s the one who has the final word on our offshore finance industry. Indeed knowing Eddie, who is a bit of a character in his own right, he probably has a sign on his desk saying ‘the buck stops here’.

So LibVan members who a few short months ago wanted to crucify Eddie Teare over Pinewood etc have just given him a ringing endorsement over his handling of our ‘low tax jurisdiction’ (we don’t call it a tax haven anymore).

I bet Allan Bell is kicking himself now because I think that Allan wasn’t particularly bothered about gagging LibVan members because Allan is so sure of himself people can say what they want he isn’t listening. However, the word from the COMIN spider on the wall is he succumbed to whingeing within COMIN.

Now just weeks later LibVan ‘timewasters’ are his mates riding to the rescue and sorting that Cat Turner out when she won’t get back in her box when the CM told her to.

But in the end it is all down to political DNA replication and once LibVan started to replicate Tynwald with part of the Party molecule outside the Tynwald Court it appears to have mutated.

Where will it end will LibVan have to shut the laboratory before other Party members start thinking and acting like Cat Turner if not!!

Photograph; Rosalind Franklin if only she had known what she was starting!


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