• September 27, 2017

News from Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

‘More money for government propaganda at a time when people can’t heat their homes’

‘Six million claimed in expenses in five years’ shrieks the headline in the IOM Examiner as they continue their shock horror expose of government. At the same time a missive is doing the rounds of the Internet highlighting the salary level of some senior civil servants – our own ‘First Division’ to borrow a term from Whitehall.

However much as I’m intrigued by this what I find more intriguing is that as the government stumble from one ‘shock’ to another ‘horror’ they actually maintain a enormous PR machine to manage their news.

‘The Corporate Communications Section of the Cabinet Office’ with at least seven high profile, high salary posts and god knows how many administrative staff supporting this whole news management monolith right down to ‘little Ethel’ who makes the tea.

WHAT IS IT COSTING? I would suggest the overall budget will make your eye’s water! What is this for and why is if so singularly and spectacularly unsuccessful in thwarting the counter-narrative flowing the other way from hacks at IOM Newspapers etc?

More to the point what of the future? I hear this ghastly ‘Ministry of Spin’ is due for a shake-up more money for government propaganda at a time when people can’t heat their homes, find enough to eat and face paying for prescriptions!

Bernard Moffatt
pp Celtic League



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