• June 1, 2015


The media and comment in Scotland both pre and post referendum descended into something of a ‘bear garden’ and when the media becomes a ‘bear garden’ occasionally people get bitten.

Yesterday we published Dr. John Robertson’s forensic analysis of TV coverage in Scotland and Robertson makes no secret of the fact that BBC Scotland and its flagship news programme Reporting Scotland get, in his view, the lowest rating.

However, as I said, Robertson’s comment is forensic and detailed and he does not simply lash-out at what he perceives as their shortcomings he takes it apart in a way only a scholar could. His assumptions are all backed up with evidential facts.

At the other end of the spectrum and equally disdainful of the media are the bloggers and none is more adept and skilful in going for the jugular of the unionist media than the acerbic Paul Kavanagh (aka Wee Ginger Dug).

Kavanagh is perhaps writer of one of the best (if not the best) current Scottish political blogs and when he turns his attention to the bias he perceives in the media he is withering!

Take this quote from his blog yesterday titled ‘Internalised Scottophobia and self-inflicted rhinectomie’ and you will get my meaning:

“No, this is just a blog for pointing and mocking, because I’m one of those nasty and divisive nationalists that Daily Mail journalist Chris Deerin greets about in his offensively nasty and divisive articles. Deerin and his pals in the cosy wee testosterone driven clique of the Scottish media pack are now greeting that another journalist, Derek Bateman, has broken the omerta and has called him out for it. Apparently it’s wrong to criticise what a journalist writes, even when that journalist writes keech.

I’ve gone way past wanting Labour to get its act together, now I just want it gone for good, which in Deerin’s world probably makes me an enemy of freedom of speech. But then I understand that while freedom of speech gives a journalist the right to say offensive things, I also understand that it also gives everyone else the right to tell that journalist that they’re being a dickhead.

Chris Deerin writes articles that no English journalist could write because they would – rightly – be accused of racism, but just because you’re Scottish it doesn’t give you a free pass and automatic immunity from spouting anti-Scottish racism. It just makes you an Uncle Tam.”

(To ‘greet’, by the way, for those unfamiliar with Scottish slang, is to cry. While ‘keech’ is, to put it politely, dung!)

Kavanagh as indicated is best known for his ‘Wee Ginger Dug’ blog (which BTW is self funded so note the PayPal donation button at the base of the article). However his popularity is such that he now also has a regular slot in the new Scottish Paper, ‘The National’.

The media in Scotland is going through a process of change that at one time would not have been thought possible. The established media and journalists (with a few notable exceptions) enjoy their lowest ratings ever. Meanwhile increasingly sophisticated blogs and other social media are delivering the real news to a vast swathe of the population.

Wee Ginger Dug website and article here.

The reports by Dr John Robertson can be found at these links:

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Thought Control Scotland: Propaganda or Professionalism

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