• August 23, 2019

So what has the demonstrations by Irish Beef Farmers during late July and August got to do with the fate of the Amazon Rainforest. More to the point why are the Socialist Left in Ireland aligning themselves with the plight of small farmers?

James O’Toole explains in this video for ‘Rebel Telly’. It’s worth watching because the Mercosur deal between the EU and Brazil doesn’t just have implications for the beef industry in Ireland but also for the long term future of the planet as Brazil’s new right wing government gives the cattle barons carte-blanche to slash more and more of the rainforest.


The deal reached just weeks ago is also pertinent because it will provide access to the EU for a wide range of agricultural products. It makes the EU less likely to accommodate the agricultural and foods sector of countries like the UK post Brexit.

Image: Protest outside meat plant Bandon, Co Cork

Related link the Mercosur Deal:


Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League 
Assistant General Secretary (19/08/2019)

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