• February 14, 2016


It was at a Celtic League AGM many years ago when the question above was asked.

At the time the Celtic League had a website but the main emphasis for communication was our Yahoo News Group which we bashed out something like 500/600 releases a year on. We also produced and still do the print publication Carn.

The new General Secretary (GS) at the time Rhisiart Talebot (who is still in post) wanted to drag us ‘kicking and screaming’ into the social media age. We should he advanced make more use of Facebook to which the reply came back from one of the older members: ‘what is a Facebook’?

It was all the GS could do to stop rolling his eyes but he patiently explained and as always with a group made up of delegates from various Celtic countries it was decided as a compromise that those branches that wished could set up a branch site.

Mannin branch was a fairly late starter only moving to the medium last year and only really getting stuck into utilising it since the Yahoo Group started to throw up glitches last September. Since then the Celtic League Mannin site has enjoyed reasonable growth and take up.

Our page likes stand at 1450 and our page reach (which I think is a better indicator) is about 20,000 + a week – although during the great ‘gas furore’ in Nov/Dec it soared to 30,000.

Individual posts are unpredictable and some have a reach in the 100s others in the 1000s and it is impossible to estimate what subjects will catch the imagination.

The recent post on the Parish Captains issue had a reach of over 3000 and the Manx Radio expansion item almost 6,000. Both subjects I did not think would stir the imagination and dialogue but they did!

We want to keep the pages as interesting as possible so if you want to forward ideas for subject areas to be covered in the future just send a message. Similarly with information send us detail of any matters that come to your attention and you feel might benefit from being aired. We got a fair bit of feedback on Health Services concerns previously but there are a couple of sites targeting that area specifically so I’ll give it a miss. However any ideas within the general scope and remit of Celtic League, social issues, culture, language, environment, nationalism and politics welcome!

Note: Our pages carry links to other Celtic League Facebook sites and also Transcelt so pay them a visit if you get a chance and remember you are very welcome to join the League Manx branch you can contact the branch treasurer Cristl Jerry on 843869 for details.


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The Celtic League established in 1961 has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It promotes cooperation between the countries and campaigns on a range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, military activity and socio-economic issues


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