• December 9, 2018

The Travelling community in North Wales has turned the archetypal stereotype of the Community on its head via an unprecedented wave of generosity and support for Food Banks and the needy this Xmas.

As this report (on BBC Cymru) from Flintshire Food Banks says they had not even heard of ‘the Traveller Challenge’ initiative and then suddenly they were literally inundated with food stock. The ‘Challenge’ raised from the Travelling community almost a third of what the Food Bank gets in an average month in just three days:


The Traveller community have always suffered discrimination Celtic League highlighted this almost three decades ago in our report ‘HUMAN RIGHTS ON THE CELTIC FRINGE’. More recently we reported on Celtic News many years ago the disgusting incident at Firle in East Essex in 2003 when a Traveller Caravan was burned in effigy on a ‘traditional’ bonfire.

Meanwhile just two years ago we attacked disparaging remarks by the British military when they opposed plans for the Traveller ‘halting site’ near RAF Mona on Anglesey:


Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary
Celtic League

As part of a new online challenge, travellers are posting footage of themselves making donations.
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