• October 15, 2015


Welsh nationalist leader Leanne Wood AM is keeping up the pressure on the Labour Government in the Welsh Assembly to do what it can ameliorate cuts to tax credits on thousands of working families throughout Wales, in particular those with disabled children.

The Plaid Cymru said:

“In recent weeks, the likely impact of Tory cuts to working tax credits has been laid bare.

“The facts and figures paint a bleak picture of thousands of working families throughout Wales set to be hundreds of pounds worse off each year when they’re already struggling to make ends meet.

“This will be a particularly painful period for those families with disabled children who are set to lose out under the Tories’ heartless plans.

“New statistics have come to light showing that an estimated 150,000 UK families with disabled children and in receipt of working tax credits will be worse off.

“I urge the Labour Welsh Government to do everything within its ability to protect Welsh families from this callous attack on the most vulnerable in our society.

“The Labour First Minister must press the Treasury in London to exempt disabled families from these cuts and to make sure that people in Wales are protected from the worst aspects of Tory policies implemented in Westminster.

“If the Labour party believes that Wales is better off with all powers over welfare remaining in the hands of Westminster, then it must also be willing to respond adequately to the consequences of that.”

The charity Contact a Family claims that an estimated 150,000 families throughout the UK with disabled children are set to be hit by these cuts which will see more than three million lower-paid households lose around £1,350 from April.

Plaid Cymru is in the vanguard of efforts to make sure that the impact on savage Tory cuts on the incomes of the poor and vulnerable are challenged and mitigated


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