• July 14, 2011

Cymru Branch hold follow up to “Escape the Wedding” weekend

A ‘Celtic Camp’ was organised last week in north Wales by the new Cymru Branch Secretary of the Celtic League, following a successful first meeting of the branch in Tremeirchion.

The camp attracted approximately fifty people from the Celtic countries of Cornwall, Ireland and Wales for a weekend stay in rural Sir Ddinbych/Denbighshire, where a barbecue and music was provided for invited guests.
Earlier this year Cymru Branch Secretary Adam Phillips organized a successful ‘Escape the Wedding Camp’ in Wales between Thursday 28th April 2011 and Sunday 1st May 2011, for members of the public who wanted to
escape the media hype surrounding the marriage of William and Kate Windsor. Mr Phillips said at the Celtic Camp that he intends that event will become an annual and regular feature in the calendar of the Celtic League in Wales and has huge potential for attracting new members and supporters.

The general secretary (GS) of the League, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, attended the camp and commented:

“Adam has shown he has outstanding organisational skills in putting this camp together. The camp attracted families with young children, teenagers and older people, all of whom had a fantastic stay. Despite the fact that nthe camp was set up on farm land in a very rural area, Adam ensured that toilet facilities and even electricity was provided.”

Mr Tal-e-bot, who is a member of the Kernow Branch said that at the Kernow Branch meeting later this month, he will propose that a similar Celtic camp is organised in Cornwall next year. One of the guests from Ireland, Dermot Kelly, invited everyone to a Republican camp he was organizing in August 2011 to coincide with an Irish music festival and details of which should be obtained from contacting the General Secretary be email (below).

For further information, contact Rhisiart Tal-e-bot:


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