• August 2, 2017

A proposed work of public art has caused great insult and anger to the Welsh nation. So much so, that a petition signed by thousands of people has caused the project to be, ” paused “. Always hoping, but not expecting success, I signed the petition along with the other thousands.

A nation-wide contest for Wales’ 2017 Year of Legends was judged by a panel and the winning design, intended to be part of a project to attract more visitors to Flint Castle and to celebrate the special year at a cost of £390,000, was unveiled to the horror of the Welsh public!

The “Ring of Iron” installation to be placed in the grounds of Flint 
Castle makes direct reference to the 13th century English King Edward 1st, who built many castles in Wales and proclaimed them his “Iron Ring” with which he could subdue the Welsh people. He ultimately succeeded and Wales lost its independence and has been ruled by England from that day 
onwards. Hardly surprising that Welsh people feel deeply insulted by this symbolic representation of their conquest.

Welsh Labour MP Ken Skates tweeted, “Exciting times for @cadwwales Flint Castle as we announce programme and unveil design for Year of Legends installation”. Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru Leader’s apt repost was, “How is this exciting? Are you aware Edward the 1st invaded Wales? You want us to celebrate this? really?”

A pause is not what Welsh people want. Only cancellation is acceptable. Enough strength of feeling is undeniable, enough signatures on the petition would show Welsh people will not stand for this insult.

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The Welsh government has halted plans for a ring-shaped walkway at Flint Castle following a backlash against the design, seen as a symbol of oppression
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