• February 14, 2016


As election time dawns with first the local authority elections in the spring and the then the general election in the autumn it seems that panic is starting to set in at ‘the Citadel’ on Prospect Hill.

Politicians are a turn off at anytime but this administration is probably the most loathed in living memory – mind you the Chief Minister disputes that he thinks it’s just as loathed as its predecessors.

To be fair to local elections they have had a poor turn out for years because government stripped them of all but puerile decision making powers.

However in recent years perhaps realising they had gone too far or because of the fiscal black hole wanting to off-load more responsibilities the powers of local authorities have been increased. However it may be too late as I think it a cultural thing now not voting for local commissioners just look at how many go in unopposed. It’s unfortunate because increasingly local authorities are more relevant to your every day life than the crew lying back on the benches in the Tynwald bubble.

Anyway the latest wheeze to get reluctant voters on to the register is to threaten to prosecute any who do not return their registration forms. I recently returned mine before this threat was publicised had I known I would have ripped it up and sent it back saying go ahead crack on prosecute. In any case I’m not going to vote next time unless there’s a herring gull amongst the candidates (you’ll have to trawl through recent comments sections to appreciate that).

They have a bloody cheek really our government they are the ones that ‘crossed off’ thousands from the register in the process effectively ‘firing’ a number of the local authority representatives they ‘value’ so much.

I suppose the next step will be ‘vote or else’! There’s nothing they would like more than us queuing up and voting like automatons after the weekly brain-washing on State Radio. Perhaps the electoral commission should engage consultants from North Korea they seem to get the hang of turning out the vote

I can think of nothing that will sink this government and politicians further into the subterranean depths than a few mindless prosecutions over form filling omission.

On second thoughts I can Eddie Teare’s budget next week might seal the fate not only of this government and Tynwald but also of democracy on this Island. I can think of nothing less edifying (pun) than the sound of the ‘money lenders’ busy in the temple brought to you as it breaks in sycophantic style on State Radio.

What’s that saying of T E Brown ‘Old Manx waning; she’s dying in the tholtans?

The Manx language got a last minute reprieve but democracy ‘waning’ in Tynwald I somehow think will not have such a happy end!


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