• June 13, 2017

The Breton news site ‘7seizh’ has a couple of further updates on the planting of a suspect device on a drilling rig belonging to the multi-national Variscan mining which has licenses and is carrying out exploratory drilling for gold and other precious metals in Brittany and parts of France
On Monday, May 16, a suspicious package was discovered on a drill at the Saint-Pierre-Montlimart gold mining site. In a press release Variscan announced on 19 May that the site had been secured by the police and that the activities had been able to resume without danger to the personnel.
Last years there was an explosives attack on the companies HQ in Orleans (France) which caused superficial damage in a foyer area. Graffiti in Breton was left on that occasion and the letters ‘NHU’.
‘Ni Hon Unan’ is an expression sometimes used in the past by Breton militants and transfers in a similar manner to Sinn Féin meaning “ourselves” in Gaelic.
However almost all opposition to Variscan both within Brittany and also in France is open an democratic and some anti-mining opposition groups are sceptical about the Variscan attacks pointing out that in their view the company faces economic difficulties
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