• October 31, 2019

Having completed their walk from Ennis to Malin Head ( Donegal) in September the two Vets ,Ken Mayers (82) and Tarak Kauf (77) initiated their  Phase two walk on Monday last to continue highlighting the use of Shannon Airport by US military and to call for an end to their effective detention in Ireland . This walk will be  from Dún Laoighre (a suburb  in the south of Dublin) up the East Coast to the Border , over twelve days with one rest day. The first leg was from Dún Laoighre to the Dáil in the city centre. The Celtic League Convenor , Cathal Ó Luain joined them for most of that. They stopped at both the British and US Embassies. They have produced a postcard , see below, calling on the Irish  Justice Minister, Charlese Flanagan to return their passports.

Please support them by printing this and sending it to him or send it on with an Email to charles.flanagan@oir.ie

 Posted by Cathal Ó Luain, Convenor, Celtic League (31 October 2019)

Let Them Go Home for Xmas US Vets

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