• November 20, 2016

“A return to the days of the arrogant colonial Britain”

A Scottish National Party MP has slammed the British government’s treatment of the Chagos islanders and the refusal to let them return to their homeland.

Glenrothes MP Peter Grant told Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan that the failure to allow Chagossians the right to determine their own future is:

“A return to the days of the arrogant colonial Britain that should have been consigned to the dustbin of history 100 years ago”

Meanwhile Tom Guha, chairman of the UK Chagos Support Association, said members were:

“Profoundly saddened” by the ruling, adding: “This is a shameful decision and will be remembered in the history books.

“The government will continue to pay the price – not only in ongoing litigation fees – but in a deepened moral deficit.”

Even a member of the governing Party, Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, said the decision undermined:

“The British sense of fair play”, asking Mr Duncan:

“Why should Chagossians, who are British, be treated any differently from other nationals of overseas territories and how does this leave the Government’s so-called unwavering commitment to human rights?”

Full report here in The National (Scotland):


Image: Louis Olivier Bancoult is a Chagossian who is the leader of the Chagos Refugee Group.[1] He was born in 1964 on the island of Peros Banhos in the Chagos Archipelago, and works by day as an electrician, but by night for the juridical fight for the right of the Chagossians to return from Mauritius to their original homeland.[2] Bancoult has been involved in several high profile legal actions concerning the exile of the Chagos Islanders (link):


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