• March 22, 2016


The President of Canada’s National Union of Public and General Employees has described a tax deal offered to a number of citizens who used a KPMG Canada tax plan to avoid tax by depositing money in the Isle of Man as ‘deeply offensive’.

In a statement released in Ottawa by James Clancy on Thursday he said:

“The average person who fails to declare all of their income will face financial penalties, the possibility of criminal prosecution and stiff fines. But if you have money, it’s another story.

“Last fall, Canadians were outraged to hear that multinational accounting firm KPMG had been helping some very wealthy Canadians avoid paying their fair share in taxes by using a tax haven, the Isle of Man. But it gets much, much worse.

“Last week, CBC News revealed that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offered a sweetheart deal to KPMG’s wealthy clients offering them amnesty. Instead of civil or criminal prosecution, penalties or fines, they just have to pay their back taxes and a bit of interest.”

Mr Clancy went on to point out tax avoidance has victims saying:

“The list of victims of tax-avoidance is endless. It’s the child having to wait for lifesaving medical treatment because governments aren’t collecting the revenue we need to adequately fund health care. It’s the veteran forced to go without supports he or she needs because the government has made funding cuts to veterans’ services.”

He also slammed KPMG for profiting from tax avoidance saying:

“The commissions KPMG collects from wealthy clients aren’t the only way it profits from tax avoidance. When government revenues drop due to tax avoidance, privatization proponents push privatization as a way to deal with the shortfall. And KPMG’s consulting arm is at the centre of many privatization deals.

“Whether it’s advising companies bidding to operate privatized services or advising governments privatizing public services, KPMG is making a tidy profit.”

The Union which has been outspoken over the issue is likely to continue to apply pressure over the issue as are tax justice groups in Canada and the media.

Full text of Mr Clancy’s statement at this link:


Photo: NUPGE President James Clancy


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