• March 9, 2022

Kremlin’s Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine on Thursday 24 February 2022. The Celtic League condemns in the strongest terms Putin’s acts of aggression against the state of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and his deliberate targeting of civilians

The world finds itself at a crossroads once again with Putin’s dream of an expansionist Tsarist Empire and an oppressed Ukrainian people fighting for liberation within their own borders. 

The only choice for the Celtic nations is to support  Ukraine. The menace contained in Putin’s words questioning the right of Ukraine to exit, has resonance for all the people of the Celtic countries. As victims of oppression by more powerful neighbours themselves throughout their histories, the Celtic peoples are familiar with many of the feeble arguments that Putin spouts to justify his vicious attack. His invasion of Ukraine and his purposeful killing of innocent people and preventing encircled civilians without food or water in bombed out cities to leave safely can only be termed genocide. Putin shows himself up to be a visious authoritarian aggressor. We call for a withdrawal of Russian forces and support the efforts to bring Putin to his senses.

Nevertheless dialogue must be a priority if this aggression is to be overcome and a peaceful way forward is to be found. The Celtic League supports the UN  calls for peace and action to achieve it.

Issued by Rhisiart Tal-e-bot

General Secretary Celtic League (8th March 2022)

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