• February 27, 2010

Shocking allegations about alleged racism in the UK Border Agency have been publicised by Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Bethan Jenkins.

In an article on the WalesHome.Org website she cites the revelations of former Border Agency official Louise Perrett and says these allegations must be investigated (link below):


There is a quite disgusting litany of concerns outlined which if proven would seem to indicate that bigotry and intolerance is endemic within the body.

Some of the more shocking allegations Louise Perrett claims to have witnessed include a case worker seek out the opinion of two team leaders and the legal department because she did not want to approve a Congolese woman’s application for asylum. An officer in the legal department, Louise says, responded by singing: “Umbongo, umbongo, they kill them in the Congo.”

In another instance Perrett says the `grant monkey’, a stuffed gorilla, was placed on the desk of any officer who approved an asylum application, as a mark of shame.

The Celtic League has in the past clashed with Border Agency political head, Phil Woolas MP over access to the UK for Welsh language students from Patagonia (see link):


Woolas himself has also attracted controversy with some of his remarks such as when he suggested a Moslem teaching assistant should be suspended for wearing her veil in class (see link):


So far the Border Agency and Woolas remain reticent on the Perrett allegations so we hope that individuals and NGOs will support Bethan Jenkins call for a full investigation.

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