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Tynwald has been at it for 100 years they take heady decisions and you pay. These days they just empty your pocket once they could take your life as the Northern Ireland newspaper the (Belfast) Newsletter reported in February 1916:

{Manx Loyalty

Legislature Adopts Compulsion Act

‘Any Sacrifice to Secure Victory’

February 2 1916

The Manx Tynwald Court met yesterday to decide whether or not the Military Service Act should apply to the Isle of Man, the question having been referred to it by the Imperial Government.

The Deputy-Governor explained that under the old Manx law every Manxman was liable for military service.

Mr Crennell, in a stirring speech, welcomed the opportunity, given the Court, of voluntarily extending the Act to the Isle of Man, and he moved: “That this Court, while expressing satisfaction at the part taken by the Manx people in the present war, recognises the paramount importance to the Empire of using every possible means to obtain a speedy victory. Assured that the Manx people will shrink from no sacrifice in order to secure these ends, the Court desires his Excellency to request his Majesty’s Government to extend to the Isle of Man the provisions of the Military Service Act recently passed by the Imperial Parliament.”

The proposition was carried unanimously, and the members of the Legislature concluded the sitting by singing the National Anthem.}

So that’s how it started there was no great wave of patriotism conscription was forced an a probably reluctant element of the population who were not particularly interested in fighting what was then a war between Imperial powers.

Note it says the Deputy Governor (DG) explained that ‘under the old Manx law every Manxman was liable for military service’ you have to ask yourself why the DG wasn’t of in Flanders doing his bit. Then Mr Crennell weighed in with ‘a stirring speech’ I bet he was happy to watch others march of but stayed safely at home himself. Manx people will not ‘shrink from any sacrifice’ except the people coming out with this bluster made sure they didn’t sacrifice anything themselves certainly not their lives!

Ironically whilst Tynwald cheerily sent Manx men off to confront the Kaiser it was armed British troops that confronted the Manx public as they hurled sods at the Lt Governor a few months later in July 1916 at Tynwald Hill.

The legislature concluded I note by ‘singing the National anthem’ I wonder which one?

Nothing much has changed those idiots up in Tynwald still take decisions ‘for our good’ however thankfully these days they simply empty your pocket.

Mind you I note even the suggestion that people might freeze or starve this winter didn’t energise them much as they argued over their parking costs so perhaps the 2016 bunch are as callous as the 1916 shower!

(My thanks to Eddie Power – CDN website – for uncovering this gem).

Photos: Injured troops after a mustard gas attack Western Front.


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