• March 23, 2019

The picture is of Christine Gaboon who infiltrated Greenpeace and helped plan the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour. Gabon was one of a number of DGSE agents all identified in the article who participated in the attack which killed Portuguese photographer Fernando Pereira (link):


Despite the fact the assassins are known New Zealand has not sought their extradiotion for fear of ‘trade sanctions’ despite requests by the Pereira family for justice.

Gabon her cover blown after the attack continued her career in the French army and retired with honours. Tracked down to a quiet village in the French Pyrenees two years ago she was unapologetic for her deception or part in the events that killed the young Greenpeace photographer

The ‘war on terror’ it seems has limitations when it comes to large nation states!

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General secretary
Celtic League

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