• February 14, 2016


A regular reader and contributor to our pages recently sent the following message:

“I’ve just received a threatening letter from an odious foreign government, demanding a payment of £37.64. They are prepared to send the bailiffs in to arrest my possessions if I don’t settle it by the said date.

Considering it’s the first time I’ve ever missed a payment, I think it’s a little harsh. I’ve offered to pay it on the 25th, when I receive my monthly pension, but no, it’s the debt collectors on the 17th.


It was accompanied by a graphic (reproduced here) which shows a monthly payment for the UK broadcasting licence. It is clear from the message that he has told these people that they will get the payment eight days after the day they have fixed and it is also his first missed payment.

However despite that he is being threatened with ‘bailiffs’. As some responders have pointed out the use of there debt collectors on the Island would be questionable anyway and he should if any ‘heavy’ does turn up refuse them entry and if they persist call the police.

However it is not simply as straightforward as that as such disputes with a body like this in the UK can lead to problems over credit rating etc if they put you on a ‘blacklist’.

It is past time Tynwald members took a grip of this issue. If the licence fee is to be levied on the Island and the legitimacy of doing so is questionable then it should be collected by an agency here to which a person having difficulties could go and have a civilised resolution of their problem.

My advice is that the person should immediately contact their MHK and also speak to the OFT (if they get no joy from the latter please message me).

Incidentally I find it ironic that in a week we see new plans for the Manx Radio broadcasting facility on Douglas Head with a designated area to be used by the BBC the organisation that collects money to keep the BBC in business is sending threatening letter attacking in an uncivilised manner to Manx people!


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