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The Celtic League has opposed Mann being used by tax dodgers for years and continues to do so; check our recent series of articles when CBC ran its recent expose (links):


(For more links just type CBC in search box – top left – on CL News site)

I suppose our abhorrence of the Islands use as a tax haven is only equalled by our abhorrence of the UK conservative government of smarmy David Cameron – or as they should be more accurately termed these days ‘the VAT manipulators’.

You would think therefore we would be jumping for joy at the recent Daily Mirror article lashing Mann, the other Dependencies and British Overseas Territories for their (in the Mirrors view) omission over tax.

I’m sorry however I can’t take seriously the ranting of a English tabloid rag based not far from ‘tax haven central’ aka the City of London which is anxious to fill the ‘dead news’ slot after Xmas.

The Celtic League were campaigning for greater transparency when tabloids like the Mirror were tapping phones for celebrity tittle-tattle and fabricating stories.

Sadly as CBC proved the Isle of Man, although trying to clean up its act, has got someway to go and it might be a start if people at the FSC and FCU instead of sitting around hoping they might get an honour would get their finger out nail a few villains and give us a high profile enforcement case or two.

Better still it would be great if they could expose any wrongdoings the stench of which ran right back to the City of London. Then the Manx people could ram that right up the nose of the Daily Mirror and say get your own house in order as well!

You will see from the attached article that the Mirror has a beef because the Isle of Man hasn’t got ‘a register’ set up i.e. it hasn’t opened its books. No problem the Manx government should set one up pronto and in the process they might like to resolve that issue CBC were kicking-off about in relation to KPMG Canada.

However also maybe the Manx government should stop being so timid over this and suggest to the United Kingdom that City dealings should be more transparent especially those involving all that dirty Russian money from the oligarchs (is that another word for crooks?).

Who knows perhaps the Daily Mirror is right and monies are hidden or laundered here and in the other territories but I would bet a penny to a pound they’ve had ‘a pre-wash’ in ‘the City’ first!

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