• November 26, 2016

A contributor to IOM NEWS AND POLITICS has posted a petition about the new build nuclear plant at Sellafield and says:

“Don’t know if this is common knowledge but thought I’d flag this.”

It should be common knowledge and it should be a feature of governments concern (i.e. the Manx, Welsh, Scottish and Irish governments).

The Celtic League has spoken out about so called ‘nuclear new build’ since it was first mooted. We corresponded with Energy Minister Brian Wilson in the UK when he launched the consultation in 2003 on third generation nuclear plants and subsequently at AGMs in Wales, Ireland and Brittany between 2006 -2010 condemned the programme.

Its not just Moorside at Sellafield – where three reactors are planned there is also Wylfa on Anglesey where plans are well advanced. There is incidentally an active anti-nuclear lobby on that Island.

There were in the original nuclear new build option up to 19 reactors planned at approx a dozen sites the position is changing with the passage of time. However in our immediate area along with Wylfa and Sellafield (Moorside) the site at Heysham has also been mooted for a third generation plant.

There is a very comprehensive report here at World Nuclear Energy which includes the new build proposals, delicensing information and reactor life extensions at existing plants:


While the presence of new Irish Sea plants is a ‘visible’ worry new plants anywhere in the UK pose a hazard.

Nuclear pollution can carry a very long way both the Sellafield Fire and Chernobyl proved that.

Image: The Sellafield sprawl set to play host to three new reactors.

Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.



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