• November 15, 2015


You should never succumb to the politics on envy I thought as I surveyed the full page spread in the Manx Independent that just stopped short of showing you ‘the spread’ guests were tucking into. Yes! It was the KPMG eGaming Summit.

Egaming we were told is ‘undergoing fantastic growth’, now there’s a word KPMG seem hooked it’s a kind of legal high for them, more jobs are being created and the sector is playing an increasingly important role in the islands economy. Well that’s good I wonder why we are all being taxed like hell!

The Manx government is not going to take its ‘feet of the pedals’ either, Mark Robson the bizarrely named ‘government head of egaming’ said.

Laurence Skelly MHK, doing his Industry Minister guest appearance routine, was there throwing big percentages numbers around whilst the assembled audience probably included a few who hope he will eventually be throwing them some of that £50 million of your money Tynwald just pinched for him to give away.

There were a down sides it was reported ‘a few firms had left the island because of changes in the UK’ which make it easier for them to destroy people lives over there – that sort of indicated to me that eGaming people when they are not attending KPMG soirees are a pretty transient bunch – not really the type of folk to build your economy around in fact pretty unreliable, but Laurence didn’t seem deterred.

Mark Robson said we are going to concentrate on ‘quality over quantity’. Quality! For goodness sake this is gambling we’re talking about – who makes these lines up?

The tables were set out with ‘ice sculptures’ and it all looked very jolly no one seemed to be worrying about toilet taxes, gas hikes or minimum wages.

What did I say about the politics of envy? Sod it these people sicken me they are another culture, another world, sycophants far removed from the everyday grind of life for most people on the Island waiting for Government Ministers with bulging pockets full of money to give them – your money!

What would Ricky Tomlinson say ‘fantastic growth my…..!

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