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The Intelligence Services Commissioner says in his most recent report that the Northern Ireland Office and its Secretary, Theresa Villiers, take ‘great care when considering requests from the counter-terrorism agency’ for surveillance warrants. He also went on to assure that they are meticulous in establishing that any paperwork surrounding such applications ‘was in good order.’

However he added a qualification expressing concern about the ‘breadth of language’ used to define the subjects on some urgent warrants, one which included intrusive surveillance.

But reassuringly he said:

“The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland shows a keen interest in the case for necessity and proportionality. She can and does refuse warrants.”

Wow! That’s a relief I bet the spooks down in London or in one of their Regional HQs built at great expense are really on edge when they hear that Theresa Villiers is on the rampage.

Let’s be clear, Ms Villiers is effectively a mid range politician in the current Conservative government serving out her period in ‘the twilight zone’ i.e. the ‘Northern Ireland Office’ until (if she keeps the natives quiet) a better and more influential political post is proffered to her.

The spooks of MI5 have bombed and killed there way around Ireland for decades they’ve even organised a few bank robberies along the way. They are so ‘open’ these days that they are certainly not letting anyone see their files on Kincora and other scandals

The thought that in their new Belfast HQ at Palace Barracks in Belfast, the snoopers are going to be told ‘hold of boys Theresa’s thrown a wobbler’ is laughable but it’s the stock in trade of Intelligence Commissioners and their ilk to have us believe that these days everything is above board and snooping is now tightly controlled.

It’s not it is a fantasy world which may gull some journalists in the Belfast media but no one else really believes it. MI5 (and its big brother) are every bit as out of control as it has always been!

But with those for an hour to waste here’s a link to the Intelligence Commissioners report:


Here’s another link which focuses on the spooks new Belfast HQ (which is actually bigger than other ‘regional’ HQs and is a back up for the main building Thames House in case any ‘nasty people’ put it out of action) from the excellent ‘Slugger O’Toole’ website:

“The £20m building on the shores of Belfast Lough..”

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