• April 18, 2020

The United Kingdom? Not really when its comes to life one in Croydon is worth more than one in Strathclyde

Paul Kavanagh the Scottish blogger has his take here on the news that English based health providers of PPE have been instructed NOT to supply Care Homes and Health Authorities in Scotland or Wales:

“It has come to light that the UK government’s public health body for England, Public Health England, has instructed firms producing vital personal protection equipment to sell only to England’s care homes. Scotland and Wales? You can use bin bags, marigolds, and that scarf your auntie knitted for you six Christmasses ago. On the website of Gompels Healthcare, which produces facemasks, gowns, and gloves, there’s a notice saying that following instructions from Public Health England, certain PPE products will only be sold to care homes registered in England. The notice then adds “apologies to Wales and Scotland, we’re told that you have different processes for getting emergency supplies”.

Full article at this link:


Now this shouldn’t (I hope) affect Mann the Heath Service her has supply links to the English NHS however it does beg the question if the going gets really tough will we be on our own as well?

Whatever the rationale for this, leaving Scottish and Welsh Health Care workers to use ‘Marigolds and bin bags’ as PPE (as Paul puts it) is crudely indicative of just how ‘United’ the UK is!

UPDATE: There have been remarks as to the veracity of this story but the reference referred to was screen shot and is in this post:


Despite claims by the British ans Scottish governments that there was no embargo on sales I checked the site myself at 18:15 today and it was still saying that to get supplies you MUST be registered in ENGLAND and they regretted they could not supply Scotland or Wales. After the controversy today hopefully this will change.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (14th April 2020)

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