• November 24, 2020

The reality of Brexit for the fishing industry is in focus with this BBC article which speculates that post Brexit Scottish fishing vessels may move to N. Ireland especially those catching shellfish. The main market for shellfish like scallops etc is into Europe and the unique situation of N. Ireland will enable it to access the European Market.

Already plans are well advanced to secure new links from the Republic of Ireland direct to Europe and also beef up existing links such as those from Rosslare to Brittany.

Of course because of UK-IOM fishery agreements boats from Scotland and Ireland already access the King and Queen scallop rich fishery around the Isle of Man. However what benefit will accrue to Mann from this if catch is landed into and processed in Ireland. Who knows, certainly not it seems DEFA!



Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (17th November 2020)

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