• May 14, 2019

New York Times reporter Ian Urbina is in touch to say that he plans a further series of articles in the series ‘The Outlaw Ocean’. Celtic League cooperated with Ian when he published his first articles four years ago. He highlighted the rampant criminality and exploitation of both resources and people globally on the oceans of the world. Some of his findings were alarmingly disturbing. Not just exploitation and illegality but also death stalks the high seas and for the most part was/is unregulated.

He stirred governments such as the United States to action. For our part we lobbied EU states and the IMO and ILO on the issue (sample link);.


Ian advises after a further three years at sea researching articles a new series is due to be rolled out. In addition to the New York Times there is now a website where you can get information and regular updates:


Additionally Ian has authored a book entitled ‘The Outlaw Ocean’. I was planning a review on this but having looked at the current reviews of both the book and the first series or articles I decided simply to post a link to the reviews already on line. The series is described by former US Secretary of State John Kerry as:

“A very dramatic story and I’m deeply thankful for this reporting having provided us insight…”


Other reviews on the book strike a similar tone.

I’m unsure if the new administration of President Trump have the same focus on this issue as Secretary of State Kerry John Kerry had in the Obama administration.
However the issue is still live and while some action has been taken by the IMO and ILO the exploitation of people and the resources of our Oceans still remains the focus of criminality. Illegal fishing, sea slavery, deprivation of human rights, piracy and murder at sea – the dark side of the world’s oceans!
Detail on the book and purchase details at Amazon (UK) at this link:

Image: Illegal fishing

Bernard Moffatt
Celtic League

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