• October 4, 2017

‘Under-replenishment in the Irish Sea and live firing North of Donegal’

The NATO military exercise Formidable Shield seems to be still in full swing in the Irish Sea and off North Donegal. After a closely choreographed series of manoeuvres in the area South of the Isle of Man yesterday which seemed to involve an underway replenishment exercise between several warship and the USNS Medgar Evers five vessels are operating West of the IOM today (US, Canadian and British).

Meanwhile North of Donegal Spanish and Dutch Destroyers appear to be engaged in a ‘live firing exercise’ the area being one of those the British kindly designated for such activity. The Spanish ship was late joining the party having left the Clyde just yesterday – perhaps they were having ‘a late lunch’. Anyway with live firing the order of the day let’s hope everyone has a clear head and local marine traffic has been notified.

Incidentally whilst the UK Coastguard seem to have detail of these activities and the MOD have posted notices I can’t see any info on the web site of the Irish Coastguard which seems strange given that a lot of activity is occurring close to their territorial sea area. We trust the norms of diplomatic courtesy are being observed!

Image: Spanish warship F101 on its way to a live firing exercise North of Donegal.
Bernard Moffatt
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