• April 5, 2017

News from the Mannin Branch Celtic League

Having chomped on my ‘mini-weets’ I was started on the brown toast (I like a good breakfast). However wholemeal bread toast ‘well done’ can be a dangerous thing to be tackling when you have ‘Uncle Tim’ droning away on Mandate in the background.

Then it happened the combination of overdone brown toast and the cops going on about proportionate sentencing induced an almost fatal bout of choking. When I recovered my composure the moment had passed and Manx Radio moved on to the usual trivia that starts daily Island life.

I mused about it these are the same Manx cops, who said beggar all when a woman was sentenced to imprisonment for stealing firewood.

This is the same police force that couldn’t keep track of money in their own police stations a few years ago and most pertinently these are the same cops that couldn’t catch the burglars. Now they seek to advance a hypothesis on how Manx courts should sentence appropriately – the world has gone mad.

Makes you think the Manx justice system isn’t just a broken system of overpaid artisans its dead – time for the wake:


Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.



J’ai passé devant ta porte. (I walked past your door)…
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