• June 18, 2021

The League is positive about its role as an accredited UN NGO with Roster consultative status accorded by the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Committee). The League responds to requests from ECOSOC or DESA to present views or submissions and is an enthusiastic supporter of ALL agencies of the UN including the International Maritime Organisation and the International Labour Organisation etc.

UN NGO status was sought by the General Secretary Rhisiart Talebot who submitted a letter of intent in 2009. Roster consultative status was accorded in 2010 and that is the ‘current status’ as of today (see screenshot).

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In 2015 I did an in depth interview with Manx Radio and focused substantially on the UN NGO status:


Image: Screenshot of the NGO page with our status – Inset: General Secretary, Rhisiart Talebot, very much the mover of the initiative. Rhisiart who lives in Cornwall is a fervent campaigner on Celtic issues and for the Cornish language. He is also a Mebyon Kernow Councillor presently.

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (13th June 2021)

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