• January 19, 2020

I wrote a recent item at the end of last year ‘The Turn of the Year and Memories’ posted on our CL Mannin Facebook ages and on the main Celtic League website



The article was accompanied by a screenshot from CARN of Brian Stowell at a music session many years ago. I’m advised by my colleague and Celtic League Convenor, Cathal O Luain, that this pic was taken in Dublin in December 1990.

Brian was a guest of the Irish branch and gave a lecture organised by the branch entitled ‘The Isle of Man and the Manx Language Today’. The photo of Brian and Pat was taken at the session in Club an Chonradh after the lecture. There is a short report on Brian’s talk page 17 of Carn 73. Its separate from the article and photo on pages 14 and 15, probably due to layout issues (link):


The lecture occurred at a seminal time for the Manx language and its future because of course one year later Brian returned to the Isle of Man from Liverpool where he had lived and worked for many years to take up the newly created position of Manx Language Development Officer.

Image: Conradh na Gaeilge building Dubin (the social club is in the basement) – Inset Brian Stowell and Pat Bridson (then Editor of Carn).

Bernard Moffatt, Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (19 January 2020)Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

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