• November 8, 2017

News from Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

‘It’s clear that we have accumulated here some of the worst financial scum on the planet.’

Its half-wits half hour in Tynwald as the current political class who were out of their depth when they entered the place try to carry on as if all is normal.

However things have changed and you only had to watch the Chief Minister being interviewed like a frightened schoolboy in the Headmaster’s study by Panorama to realise that:


Quayle issued a hasty statement to MHKs compiled by the folk who write is lines in the Cabinet Office but if anything that was even more pathetic than the his on air performance:


The Panorama programme targeted extensively activities in the Isle of Man and showed how processes have been prostituted and the contempt that those who use this place have for it and its political process.

This and previous administrations going back decades have brought shame on the Island and we need to realise that this cannot be brushed over and that in ‘our stables’ the mire is so deep it is half way up the walls.

I’ve joked up to know about the denizens of the golden mile but it’s clear that we have accumulated here some of the worst financial scum on the planet.

Panorama to a certain extent was ‘lite’ in that if focused on populist figures such as celebs and prominent corporations but drill down as more and more of the revelations are published in the newspapers and online and you realise what ghastly people have used – and continue to use the Island:


We have a regulatory framework that is not fit for purpose and bodies to police the industry that are a pathetic joke.

Bernard Moffatt
pp Celtic League



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