• November 12, 2016

Not often we delve into the world of sport or soccer in particular but I came across this interesting item about an Irishman who was the first (Irishman) to captain Manchester United and who also and more significantly saved Barcelona football club from the attention of the fascist General Franco in 1936/37.

You could say Patrick O’Connell left his mark on the world of International football and up to now has been almost forgotten.

Indeed despite his impressive career, he died penniless in 1959 and received a pauper’s burial in London’s Kensal Green, Kilburn, where his grave lay unmarked and underappreciated for 57 years.

The Patrick O’Connell Fund was established to raise money for a proper memorial, and they achieved that feat in May of this year when his grave at St Mary’s Cemetery was restored.

Subsequently, a new book which documents his life – titled The Man Who Saved FC Barcelona – was released on July 15, 2016.

Now a documentary currently being filmed of his life seems set to enhance his memory and the momentous influence that he had on the sport (link):


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