• October 3, 2017

The war games around the Isle of Man and off the West of Scotland go on.

‘Formidable Shield’ is a test of missile defences and live firing it involves a number of warships ( the number varies depending on which press release you believe) an undisclosed number of submarines and about a dozen aircraft.

These exercises are achieving a new significance now because with two madmen with their hands on nuclear weapons – one in Washington the other in Pyongyang – the inevitability of conflict grows closer.

BBC Panorama said that ‘Mr Kim’ has he’s affectionately known now has the capacity to reach Seattle with his missiles, soon coming over the pole he will have the capacity to reach us.

It might be comforting to know that the US Aegis class anti ballistic missile system that several of the USN vessels deploy was in place if it wasn’t for the fact the US Commander in Chief is Donald who could tweet the command to start world war three.

Also in the exercise mix is the civilian contractor QinetiQ which tests missiles etc for the MOD – everything is sub-contracted these days.

In its previous MOD incarnation as DERA the organisation is thought by some to be responsible for shooting down an Irish airliner in mysterious circumstances fifty years ago. Leaving aside the veracity of that it’s not very reassuring. Time to get the tin hats out!


Image: USS Winston S Churchill – Aegis equipped destroyer.
Bernard Moffatt
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