• February 14, 2016


The low winter sun has at last started to rise a little further in the sky and it looks as if perhaps temporarily there will be a lull in the desperate weather we have had this winter with endless rain and storms.

Still there’s not a lot to be cheerful about unless you’re Manx Radio and you’re getting a big extension complete with a ‘Green Room’. Presumably somewhere for Allan Bell to relax before he gives any live renditions of his ‘more doom and gloom’ message. Haven’t seen any detail on cost yet have I missed it?

The extension plans also bizarrely show a room for the BBC so I trust the rent for that will be set ‘exorbitantly high’ to offset those licence fees the cheeky buggers keep levying here.

There’s also a new Editors room – no mixing with the rank and file anymore.

Finally ominously there’s a DHA room downstairs not sure if that’s a room where people get taken if they go ‘off message’. Perhaps it’s for use in times of National Emergency although listening to Allan Bell and Eddie Teare you would think we are in a perpetual state of that!

For the rest of us not much joy as winter fades into spring with the gas and electricity bills and the rates for the most part up plus any little surprises Eddie Teare has in the budget next week.

Still if you need to cheer yourself up why not turn to the business pages of the newspapers. Today’s ‘Manx Indy’ has Chief Minister, Allan Bell MHK, looking positively ecstatic as he always is when being feted at this or that business soiree. Rehabilitated, former Ministerial bad boy, John Shimmin MHK also manages a smile.

Meanwhile in another article Treasury Minister, Eddie Tears MHK, seems mildly gleeful can he have just had news of more disabled people being shunted back to work or on to JSA (which of course after a reasonable period can be STOPPED!).

The business pages are always a repository of fun and good news they should be the people in them are usually the recipients of considerable government largesse – paid for by you and me.

Look it’s the only fun you are going to get this year. You can forget any ideas of an extension on your house or a conservatory but who knows when ‘the Nations Station’ has had its makeover maybe they’ll have conducted tours. When Allan isn’t using ‘the Green Room’ that is!

Photo: Typical Green Room


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