• August 11, 2017

So, there you are a sole or plaice lying happily on the sea-bed when someone electrocutes you – well almost. You just now it must be the Dutch!

Those relentless harvesters of the sea the men (and women) of Holland have come up with a new wheeze to sweep the seas clean and its environmentally sound they say.

Instead of trawling the sea floor with all the damage that causes just pass a gentle current a few feet from the sea-bed and hey presto the plaice (etc) are in the net. Some call it the ‘fracking of the sea’ but that may be to harsh and early a judgement.

Its experimental at this stage and has been for some years but as this BBC documentary item on last night’s Newsnight asked:

‘Does it really take almost eighty large trawlers for an experiment over many years’

The experiment goes on the good (Fishing) burghers of the Netherlands get rich – The fish well they just find it shocking!

There is a clip at this link but to really get your head around this you need to watch last night’s Newsnight item in full on iPlayer:


Image: One of the ‘79’ electro pulse fishing vessels in Holland involved in the ‘research’. She’s ‘researching’ away between the Dutch coast and Lowestoft as this is written.


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