• October 22, 2017

Sixty years after the great Windscale fire and subsequent pollution of a vast tract of N. England, Ireland and the Isle of Man comes a reminder of the unpredictable nature of this menace which we live with on our doorstep.

“Explosive experts have been called to Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant after an incident following a routine audit of chemicals stored on the site.

Staff had been disposing of chemicals, which had been stored at the site in Cumbria since 1992, when the incident happened.
Sellafield Limited, which runs the plant, said it was routine to call in experts, but no explosion took place.

It would not confirm whether the incident involved nuclear materials.

A number of buildings on the site are reported to have been evacuated overnight after what the firm called a routine audit of chemicals.

In a statement, it said it was now considering how to best dispose of the material.

Sellafield reprocesses and stores nearly all of Britain’s nuclear waste.”

Full report BBC Cumbria:


One wonders if local authorities around the plant and indeed governments such as the Scottish, Irish and Manx were advised of this incident. I’ll wager the answer is NO!
Bernard Moffatt
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