• May 15, 2016

It is a sobering thought that even before mankind understands the full diversity of the worlds oceans many unrecorded species will be wiped out.

We have highlighted the damage being wrought by industrial fishing by super trawlers and this prompted one commentator to ask what the high profile environmental groups like Greenpeace are doing. Well the answer is a lot but this is a global problem and it is really International actions by governments that are needed.

In that respect the agreements that the EU are currently striking with poor African countries to allow access to their super trawlers is not the answer.

We focused on the activities of the super trawlers around these Islands but, as indicated above, this is a global issue and one of the many video reports on this shot by Greenpeace highlights the activities of the Spanish registered super trawler ALBACORA UNA (link):


The Albacora Uno is a repeat offender when it comes to illegal fishing it was fined $4.1 million in 2010 and again in 2011. In July 2012 it was fined for illegally fishing sharks and in 2013 another $1 million.

The profits to be gained must outweigh the risks and when you see the size of the catch in the Greenpeace video you can appreciate the profits that are being made this is not going to stop until these vessels are banned.

Just how damaging these vessels are not just to the environment but local economies is clear from this Greenpeace report on the Pacific community of Kiribati:

“Two monster boats, Albatun Tres and Albacora Uno, can catch more in three combined fishing trips than Kiribati’s entire local fleet catches in a year. Add to that illegal fishing in protected areas, or in breach of licence conditions, and local fishermen are often left with next to nothing.”


The Islanders of Kiribati go without so we can have cheap tinned tuna in the supermarket!

Image: Greenpeace in action as the Albatun Tres (sister ship of the Albacora Uno) extracts tub after tub of tuna from its massive tuna net.

Related link G/Peace blacklist:



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