• February 22, 2015


‘The current Manx administration has taken arrogance, self serving disregard for the popular mood and self interest to new levels.’

The Manx government must feel it is on ‘something of a roll’. Fresh from ‘spinning the illusion’ that the recent Isle of Man budget actually provides any relieve to people and with stealth charges still being applied daily the government has set its sights on a new target.
According to government now we cannot afford our Social Security system and there needs to be a root and branch review.

Of course we can be sure that the usual caveats from the ‘COMIN BOOK OF QUOTES’ such as “this cannot be at the expense of the vulnerable” and the need to pay benefits “to those who really need the support” will be trundled out.

No doubt prime candidates in the firing line will be pensioners. Government has already frozen the Manx pensions supplement and now those who worked longest and contributed more may find that their State pension is capped.

‘Capped’ it’s a near clipped term but what it really means is that a government that’s already squeezed the population until it bleeds has nothing left in its armoury than a blatant theft of benefits for which (GET THIS) people have contributed in good faith.

Meanwhile MHKs/MLCs and others still walk away from their employment with sums and occupational pensions of eye-watering enormity.

Of course there will be a consultation although the government does have a plan this time because – no doubt at exorbitant expense – it retained consultants to come up with ideas.
It is something of a paradox that last week when the government announced tax credit would be phased out for the very poorest next year there was no plan ready and waiting for its replacement!

No one should be fooled this government is not setting out to consult it is engaging in a charade to mask its ultimate intention to claw-back more from pensioners, those on fixed incomes and the poor –indeed anyone other than ‘its mates’ in the business community.

It was interesting to hear some commentators this week ‘welcome’ the budget. The latest body to line up to give it a guarded welcome is the IOM Chamber of Commerce. The government will no doubt be pleased that such a singularly representative grouping of the Islands ‘in crowd’ thinks government is doing such a good job.

The current Manx administration has taken arrogance, self serving disregard for the popular mood and self interest to new levels. Who knows perhaps when the government finally rubber-stamp benefit changes, which emasculate state pensions and other benefits, the IOM Chamber of Commerce will welcome that to!

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


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