• June 4, 2019

Despite our own ‘Mr Blusters’ (The Chief Minister) dismissal of concerns over Saudi training facilities on Mann the reality is that children are suffering and dying every day because of the War in Yemen.

Let’s be clear it’s not just Saudi personnel trained at RAF Valley that are the issue RAF personnel also trained there go to Saudi Arabia to maintain the Saudi war effort (The MOD have confirmed this).

The Saudis are notoriously inept (last month they bombed their own troops) but they have loads of money and the UK wants a share of that pie. That’s why by default and because we have a gutless Chief Minister we are dragged into this squalid affair for a few pounds to offset ATC costs here

CHILDREN SUFFER while Manx politicians look away! My colleague Allen Moore who represented Celtic League Mannin branch yesterday at the Ronaldsway Airport protest and bizarrely had to give his name and telephone number to police reminds me that this week is the 100th anniversary of the Save the Children Fund. He says:

“One of the charities which have helped people in the Yemen has been the Save The Children Fund. The charity reached the age of 100 last week. Some of my family members have been great supporters of the charity over many years.

“One of things which Chief Minister Quayle said in reply to to the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League urging him to get the UK to stop allowing Saudi aircrews to train low flying over Ronaldsway Airport is that the Island has sent £270,000 to the Yemen in aid. How the Yemeni people would prefer peace to needing to be given aid!

“Allen Moore, 
Mannin Branch Secretary!

SCF are extremely active in Yemen both providing medical services and feeding stations. However their work is fraught with danger. One of the wickedest tactics used by the Saudis and coordinated from control centres staffed with USAF and RAF personnel in the Kingdom is so called ‘tap tap’

Tap tap’ means a ‘double tap attack’, or ‘double tap strike’, the military tactic of launching two successive strikes against the same target. The first strike is intended to eliminate or damage the target, while the second aims to injure or kill medics and civil defence workers. Its been used against targets such as SCF and MSF hospitals and Schools and documented by the UN.

Dismissing concerns about the Yemen the Chief Minister referred to the aid monies provided by the Manx government. But what value that aid if the committed volunteers who dispense it are placed in jeopardy by this wicked Saudi Air Force tactic.

Image: SCF hospital in Yemen – inset protesters at Ronaldsway Airport on 1st June 2019

Bernard Moffatt

AGS. Celtic League

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