Notice to Celtic League Yahoo Users

October 18, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE ‘BORED; WITH SCRIPT ONLY If you are ‘bored’ with the script only messages on Yahoo news all posts are also reposted on the Celtic League Mannin Facebook pages at this link: We try to liven up the

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The Celtic League Our Ongoing Work and Our Records

October 8, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE A variety of National Facebook sites for the various branches have been under development now for two years or more. You will find links on the National branch pages to the other branch sites including our friends in

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Misneach: Success Over Facebook Campaign

September 30, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE We reported recently on the campaign by Misneach to get Facebook to stop deleting the accounts of users who submitted their names in the Irish language. (Link): I am pleased to copy this statement received in the

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Facebook Don’t Mess With Our Names

September 16, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE #MyNameIs The Irish Times reported that Irish-language activist group Misneach is organising a protest at the social network’s Dublin headquarters over its real-name policy and the way it has been enforced against users opting to use their Irish-language

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‘This Ridiculous Ruritanian Charade’

August 3, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE When the Scottish Referendum campaign was in full swing I used to pay visits to the plethora of Indyref Yes sites which sprang up and which undoubtedly helped swing what had been a certain NO vote to a

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Mannin Branch: Facebook and Twitter Sites Launched

February 26, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Mannin branch of the Celtic League (CL) are now on Facebook and Twitter joining a ‘plethora’ of other CL branches, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and our overseas colleagues in Patagonia. I have set out most of the links

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Branch Reaches Out to Thousands Through Social Media

January 22, 2015

Celtic League News With some posts reaching over 15 000 people, the Kernow Branch of the Celtic League is by far the most prolific utiliser of social media in the organisation. In addition to Facebook, the Branch also runs a Twitter site, which

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Celtic News Dissemination on Social Media

January 20, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Have had reports back that CL News items are regularly disseminated on social media such as twitter, facebook etc which ‘sadly’ are not mediums I use. It would be helpful if anyone recycling our material on any site

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Kernow: League Attack Racism and Bigotry

December 18, 2014

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Cornish branch of the Celtic League has spoken about racist comments about indigenous Cornish people made on social media. The catalyst for the racist attacks appears to have been the decision of Devon and Cornwall police to

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