Mann: Political Party Registration is it Rights Compatible?

September 23, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Celtic League has asked the Isle of Man Chief Minister if legislation requiring the registration of political parties is OSCE and Council of Europe compatible (see below): “The Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK Chief Minister Office Government

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Electoral Chaos – At Best a Banana Republic?

August 3, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE ELECTORAL CHAOS – AT BEST A BANANA REPUBLIC? A total of three local authority Councillors have had to resign from two authorities on the Isle of Man in the last ten days. They are all long serving members

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Kernow ‘Historic Deal’

July 17, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The Westminster Government has agreed an historic ‘new deal’ for Cornwall which will give new control over services which are delivered in Cornwall. Following much preparation and discussion between Cornwall Council and the Westminster Government over the so

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Threats to Politicians Eat Away at the Fabric of Democracy

April 5, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE The news that Police Scotland is investigating a threat against Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is welcome. There has been a disturbing trend in recent years particularly since the advent of social media for ill-judged and threatening comment

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Manx Nationalists Protest at New Tynwald Arrangements

April 5, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE “new arrangements will turn the National Day over to commercial enterprises that provide bouncy castles, candy floss, junk food, and cheap goods.” The Manx Nationalist Party (Mec Vannin) has sent a strongly worded letter to both the Tynwald

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Stormy Scenes as Activists Attack UKIP Intolerance Towards Welsh Language

March 26, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Welsh Language activists staged a protest this week when the UK Independence Party held a meeting in North Wales. The Welsh language supporters accused the main speaker at the meeting of intolerance towards the Welsh language and also

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Manx Politics: The Coup That Never Was?

February 27, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE It was less ‘the night of the long knives’ and more ‘the day of the blunt pens’. A government Minister has moved swiftly to deny a newspaper article that he and colleagues were conspiring against the Isle of

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Mann: High Drama and False Praise in the Corridors of Power

February 17, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE It’s not every day the quiet tranquility of Manx political life is rocked by controversy but today was one of those days. Chris Robershaw, the Minister for Policy and Reform, dramatically resigned just a day before the Manx

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Mann: Is Mysogyny Alive and Well?

February 11, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Are there enough women active in politics in the Isle of Man and do those who aspire to a political role face greater difficulty than male counterparts? This was the question posed on the (comparatively new) women’s magazine

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Milibands Mates: In Bed with the Merchants of Death

February 8, 2015

NEWS FROM THE CELTIC LEAGUE Ed Miliband adopted the moral high ground somewhat when he revealed during a pre-election sound-bite earlier this week that he intended to take a tough line with tax havens. Over twenty years ago when there was real need

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